Water Softening Services and Water Softener Systems for Lancaster, PA

Water softeners are better for your health, your home's plumbing system, and can help keep your valuable appliances—like dishwashers and refrigerators with built-in water filtration—from failing too soon. If you're located in the Manheim, Mount Joy, or Lititz areas of northern Lancaster County or within neighboring southern Lebanon County, Garden Spot Mechanical is your best local resource for fast and friendly water softener installation, repair, troubleshooting, and more. Contact our plumbers today!

Discover the Benefits of Using a Water Softener

If you have never owned a water softening system before, you likely have many water softener questions. It's true that many water softener myths are floating around out there, too. However, water softeners have a lot of big benefits for homeowners, as they are designed to remove high concentrations of minerals that cause hard water and prevent associated plumbing problems.

Calcium Deposits in Faucet

Removes Calcium

While calcium is a mineral we all need in our diets, too much calcium in our home's water supply can cause health issues like rash breakouts on sensitive skin. Water softeners help control the mineral content in your water to improve your family's bathing and showering experience.

Rusted Plumbing

Better for Plumbing

Calcium and other mineral buildup caused by hard water is detrimental to your home or commercial building's plumbing and pipes and can damage them over time. Elimination of that buildup by using a water softener improves your plumbing system's lifespan.

Refridgerator dispensing water

Better for Appliances

Softening water can help to preserve the life of your appliances and help them perform better, too. With a water softener, your fridge, dishwasher, and laundry appliances won't get clogged by mineral buildup, and that equals better flowing water and cleaner dishes and clothes.

Woman drinking water

Better for Your Health

It's a fact that water softeners can prevent skin and hair problems by reducing mineral buildup. They can also be installed to work alongside water filtration systems that reduce or remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, and contaminants in your water supply.

Trust Garden Spot Mechanical for Your Next Water Softener

At Garden Spot Mechanical, we only hire the best licensed master plumbers and journeyman plumbers who know how to expertly install water softening systems and make recommendations for improving your water quality. Whether you've been dealing with hard water for years or just moved into a new home that has hard water-related problems, now is a great time to contact us and have your water tested!

As with all of our plumbing services—whether it's an emergency or scheduled appointment—you can trust us to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your water softening needs and installation of water softeners with care and friendly customer service.

New water softening unit or tank ready alongside the old one for installation to replace it in a utility room with a portable tool kit in a box on the floor

Our Service Area

Based in Manheim, PA, we provide water softener system installation, repair, and replacement services to Lancaster, Mount Joy, Lititz, and surrounding areas.

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At Garden Spot Mechanical, we aim to earn your trust through unbeatable service and expert repairs. Check out what some of our valued customers have to say about our plumbing repair services and more.

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Here at Garden Spot Mechanical, we know that hard water can be problematic for many households in Northern Lancaster County and beyond. If you are struggling with plumbing issues related to hard water in your home, it's time to explore a new water softening system. Give us a call or schedule online now for fast and friendly water softener service by our licensed master plumbers and journeyman plumbers.