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Commercial HVAC

Is your heating and cooling system working as efficiently as it could be? Do you experience hot or cold spots throughout your building? Are you tired of repairing your system repeatedly throughout the year?

Contact Garden Spot Mechanical for expert HVAC troubleshooting and repair service. Our certified HVAC technicians work on all makes and models of commercial heating and air conditioning systems including:

  • Rooftop Units
  • Electric Heat Pump Split Systems
  • Central Air Conditioning Units
  • Oil / Gas Furnaces
  • Oil / Gas Boilers
  • GeoThermal
  • and more...

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From damaged or broken pipes to clogged drains and leaky faucets, Garden Spot Mechanical offers expert plumbing service from experienced master and licensed journeyman plumbers for all your commercial plumbing needs.

Contact us for fast service for:

  • Toilets / Urinals
  • Drain Pipes
  • Faucets / Fixtures
  • Piping Installation
  • Water Heaters
  • and much more...

We offer local service throughout Lancaster, Manheim, Mount Joy, Lititz and more.

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We offer evaporative and steam generation humidifiers that are ideal for environments that require moisture control. Contact Garden Spot Mechanical for details!

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Water Treatment

Save money on bottled water and increase the longevity and reliability of your plumbing and fixtures with the right water treatment system. Garden Spot Mechanical offers a variety of commercial-grade water treatment technologies including:

  • Water Softening Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Iron Filters
  • Sediment Filters
  • Charcoal Filters
  • UV Lights to kill bacteria and remove nitrates
  • and more...

Contact us today to schedule water testing for your office or facility.

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Air Quality

Improve the quality of your indoor air with high-efficiency filters or ultraviolet air treatment systems from Garden Spot Mechanical. Both systems can be integrated with your existing heating and cooling system to reduce airborne particles that cause infections and diseases and aggravate allergies.

High-Efficiency Filters

Electrically enhanced air filtration traps small airborne particles including dust, dander and other irritants so you and your employees breathe easier and clean less often.

Ultraviolet Air Treatment

These systems sterilize microorganisms and reduce or eliminate mold, viruses, fungi, mold spores, bacteria and other germs.

For more information on improving the indoor air quality of your office or commercial building, contact Garden Spot Mechanical today.

24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Is your heating or cooling system down?

A serious leak or damaged pipes?

Toilet or urinal not working right?

Call your local commercial HVAC team now at (717) 665-0270 for fast HVAC and plumbing repair service in Lancaster, Manheim, Mount Joy, Lititz, PA and the surrounding area.

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Complete Installation Service

Thinking about installing a new heating and cooling system? Ready to upgrade from oil to more efficient and cost-effective solutions? The first step is an evaluation to assess building size and heating and cooling requirements. Garden Spot Mechanical can help you choose the right system for your business that maximizes your heating and cooling budget, while providing comfort and reliability you'll appreciate year after year.

Contact Garden Spot Mechanical today to discuss your heating and cooling needs.

HVAC Installation

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Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC systems boost efficiency and longevity, saving you money in the long-run. Garden Spot Mechanical offers customized maintenance plans that protect your investment and ensure the reliability of your equipment for years to come. Contact us for details!