Stop Believing These 5 Common Myths About Fixing a Clogged Drain

Unclogging a drain with a plunger

We all know that feeling—you go to flush the toilet or run the sink, and the water doesn’t seem to be going down correctly. As a homeowner, it is such a nightmare not to know what is causing the problem with your plumbing, or even if it’s something you can fix on your own.

Many online resources claim to have the best fix for your clogged drain or sink, but some of these fixes may leave you with more damage done than good. This blog may help you assess your clog, and to know when you’ll need a professional to step in. Here are five common myths about a clogged drain and the facts to disprove them.

Myth 1: Chemical Cleaners Are the Go-To for Clearing Clogs

Fact: Chemical cleaners may come with side effects you do not like or did not expect. Not every clog is the same, and using a chemical cleaner on certain types of clogs may damage your pipes. They can be harmful to you or your drain system if misused.

If you suspect your clogged drain or sink is simply hair and grime close to the surface, trying a chemical cleaner might not be a bad idea if used correctly. If the problem persists and you find yourself frequently using a chemical cleaner, then you may have a bigger problem than just a surface clog.

A chemical cleaner isn’t going to work on items lodged in your drain pipe, a deep clog (one that starts away from the surface area), or a tree root that has grown into your drainage system. These are all situations that may require another method or a professional plumber.

Myth 2: A Slow Drain Will Solve Itself

Fact: A slow drain is trying to tell you that there’s a problem, and ignoring it may cost you more in the long run. There are several reasons why your drain pipe is clogged or causing water to drain slowly, and each one requires a different solution.

Don’t try to wait out the clogged drain and hope that it will resolve itself. If it’s your toilet with a slow drain or clog, check out our recent blog on how to fix a clogged toilet for safe options before you call a plumber.

Myth 3: All Plumbers Have the Same Knowledge About Drain Clogs

Fact: Plumbing requires years of experience to navigate because of the variety of issues and types of systems out there. A clogged drain may require more than one drain cleaning option, and not every plumber has the experience to get your clogged drain running efficiently again. Some clogs may require specialized equipment or tools, and you want to make sure the person you hire is the right person for the job. Find a professional plumber who has the tools and expertise necessary to fix your clogged drain or pipes.

Myth 4: Drain Snakes Will Clear Any Blockage

Fact: Not every clog can be fixed with a drain snake. A drain snake is designed to help break up or remove a clog that a chemical cleaner could not budge or break through. Drain snakes require more time and knowledge than just using a chemical cleaner, and you have to be careful not to damage your pipes in the process.

If the clog is from a solid object, tree root, or just a stubborn ball of gunk and grime, a drain snake may not be able to do anything more than find where the clog is located. If you have worked to unclog a drain on your own, and have had no luck, it may be time to reach out to your local plumbing professional.

Myth 5: All Drains Work the Same

Fact: Drain systems work differently depending on what their job is and where they are in the home. Think of your home as a puzzle, and all of those drain pieces have to work together. While some parts may not directly link up to each other, they all head out of your home in the same place. Each area of your home—think your kitchen sink or your guest bathroom—will have specific needs for pipe materials and the way the drain system works. The age of your home and year of any renovations may also uncover that materials used may require specific tools or even updating.

Unclogging a drain in each part of your home may require a different method or set of tools specific to the material used in pipes or the way the drain system works.

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