Are Green Home Heating Systems and HVAC Equipment Right For You?

With Earth Day just behind us in late April, we’ve been thinking about so-called “green” home heating systems and HVAC equipment options lately here at Garden Spot Mechanical. Many of these technologies—like geothermal heat pumps and active solar heating systems—have been around for some time now, yet they are not particularly common in local homes at this point. Why is that?

Although we just experienced a relatively mild winter here in our Lancaster County, PA service area, you may now be thinking about upgrading your system to better suit your home comfort needs. What if your next HVAC system could increase the energy efficiency of your home and maybe save you a little “green,” too?

Today we’re taking a closer look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of these still very alternative heating and cooling systems. We’ll also talk a bit about how the most eco-friendly option may be replacing your outdated and malfunctioning system with a newer version of the same type, even if it’s not technically a green energy system.

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