What You Need to Know: Central Air Conditioning Buying Guide

If you’re in the Northeast, discussing central air conditioning units before winter is even over may seem crazy. However, it’s never too early to do your homework before taking on a significant investment. Because upgrading or adding a central air conditioning system is an investment in your home—one you shouldn’t make lightly. That is why we at Garden Spot Mechanical put together this central air conditioning buying guide for homeowners.

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7 Most Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning System Isn’t Working

While many love the dog days of summer, most of us look forward to the cool comfort of our air conditioning when we return home after a long day. Unfortunately, air conditioner problems usually happen on the hottest days of the year, right when you need your air conditioner most.

Fortunately, some issues can be solved without a call to your local HVAC service contractor.

Here are seven of the most common air conditioner problems, along with some helpful advice to solve many simple issues on your own.

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Understanding the Different HVAC Systems Your Home May Have

When we talk about HVAC systems, it may sound like we’re always referring to a fully integrated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solution common in many newer homes and businesses—also often called a “packaged system.” But, here in our home service area of northern Lancaster County and Lebanon County, PA, the term “system” is a little less specific.

Especially if your home is older, your home comfort equipment may consist of only integrated heating, such as an oil-fired boiler with baseboard radiators. You may have air conditioning, but it was installed later as a retrofit—or maybe you still rely on portable or window units for cooling in the summer.

Because homes in our area feature such a wide variety of HVAC equipment, we wanted to focus today’s post on some of the most common systems and components that we encounter—and service—here at Garden Spot Mechanical.

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Answered: FAQs About Ductless Air Conditioning

Have you heard of ductless air conditioning systems, or “mini-split” units? While newer to the American market, as they were first popularized in other countries where smaller scale and urban living is more common, these systems have been steadily gaining in popularity throughout the last decade or so here. This is mainly because these systems can easily solve tricky HVAC issues in older homes with no ductwork and in new additions or outbuilding spaces that require climate control.

In short, these systems are amazingly flexible, extremely efficient, and certainly worth serious consideration by homeowners here in our service area in northwestern Lancaster County and beyond. Especially if you dread looking at ugly old window units all summer long, this post is for you!

Read on for answers to questions that we often hear from customers, and learn why a new ductless air conditioning system might be great for your home.

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Decrease Your Repair Costs with These HVAC Maintenance Tips

Did you know that home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that aren’t maintained have to work harder to keep you comfortable? They may even simply shut off and refuse to restart based on system safety settings, which means you could be left freezing on a cold winter night or sweating it out in the middle of summer while you wait for repair service.

If you don’t like paying emergency repair rates (and who does?), there are several things you can do to help your heating and/or air conditioning equipment perform better and even last longer, too.

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